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About Us

The company “EXPRESS-SYSTEM” was founded in 2004. It offers you cooperation in the implementation of integrated deliveries of radioelements, electronic components, devices and devices of domestic, foreign production. We are constantly expanding our inventory list, which already includes units and devices, hydro- and electro-pneumatic units of aircraft and automobile vehicles (hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors), hydraulic connector valves, actuators, axial fans, hydraulic filters, brakes, transformers, relays , Contactors, connectors, electric motors.

Our company is a highly qualified staff who are constantly striving to improve their professionalism. Emotional warmth, respect, attention to customer wishes, sincerity and openness – all these qualities are decisive in working with a client. Turning to us, you can be sure: we will provide exactly what you need!

Our clients are factories and research institutes, design bureaus and manufacturers of unique equipment. We supply both single copies for experimental development, and fully complete serial production. We also organize the shipment and shipment of products to the final consumer, and we bear the costs associated with transportation.