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Radio Frequency Connectors (SR)

Type of product: Connectors

Company: OJSC Zmina

Radio frequency connectors of the SR type: SR-50-1 PV, SR-50-1 FV VR0.364.008 TU; SR-50-73 PV, SR-50-73 FV VR0.364.008 TU; SR-50-74 PV, SR-50-74 FV VR0.364.008 TU; SR-50-75 FV VR0.364.008 TU; SR-50-81 PV, SR-50-81 FV VR0.364.008 TU; SR-50-95 FV VR0.364.013 TU; SR-50-267 FV VR0.364.015 TU; SR-50-275 FV VR0.364.015 TU; SR-50-287 FV VR0.364.015 TU; type RPN23 – RPN23-5Sh; RPN23-5G; RPN23-5Sh2; RPN23-5G2; RPN23-3Sh; RPN23-3G